Pink of Springfontein


Type Rosé Blend with Pinotage Non-Saignée
Ecological Status: Vegan – Certified Organic (in transition)
Appellation: Estate Wine of Origin Springfontein Rim
Soil: High Alkaline Maritime Limestone
Rootstock Year of Planting: Richter 99 2003 / Ramsey 2003
Cultivars Clones: Pinotage PI48A / Merlot ME343A
Harvest: Multiple Passages by Hand
Pre-Cooling: 1 Night at 5°C in Cold Room
Sorting: Multiple Passages by Hand

Destemming/Crushing: Before Pressing
Pressing: Bucher Pneumatic Press
Wild Yeast Fermenting: Speidel Stainless Steel and PUR 600 ltr Egg Tanks
Maturating: Speidel Stainless Steel and PUR 600 ltr Egg Tanks
Yeast Addition Filtrating: None None
Harvest Date: 02.02.2017 to 10.02.2017
Pressing Date: 03.02.2017 to 11.02.2017
Blending Date: 28.12.2017
Bottling date: 18.01.2018
Maceration Period thereof Cold: 12 Hours 12 Hours
Alcoholic Fermentation Period: 12 Days
Share Anaerobic Malolactic: 0% 0%
Blend Composition: PI51%/ME49%
Average Yield Balling: 42 hl/ha 23.8°Bx
Alcohol Residual Sugar: 13.6% 2.4 g/ltr
Acidity Addition Total Acidity pH: None 6.0 g/ltr pH 3.4
Tannin Addition Total Extract: None 21.5g/ltr
Total Sulphur thereof free: 0.078 g/ltr 0.010 g/ltr
Production: 1,708 btl à 0.750 ltr

Chemical Analysis before Bottling
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Tasting Notes

A refreshing wine with generous strawberry and cherry flavors on the palate and a pleasant dry finish.

– Tariro Masayiti

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