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Please note the fine dining restaurant served its last meal of the season on the 27th of March. The good news is that our ULUMBAZA Wine Bar(n) is open and provides a delicious alternative. Regarding our plans for next season, stay tuned. Good news to come!


We are proud to announce that world renowned Dutch Chef Edwin Vinke and his son Tom are taking a branch of the award-winning 2-Michelin starred restaurant De Kromme Watergang on Springfontein under their wings.

Edwin’s Signature

Chef Vinke embodies a cuisine that strives almost puristically and self-sufficiently to reflect land and sea treasures. Together with his team, Edwin will share his mastery of nature driven dishes, highlighting Springfontein’s unique oceanic terroir and wines.

His reverence for indigenous ingredients and herbs, mostly served with minimal manipulation, empowers his ability to create the healthiest fine dining dishes.

Seasonal Menu

Nature dictates the plate at Springfontein and only ingredients that are at their peak will do.

This means that what Edwin serves depends heavily on what he and his team come across in Springfontein’s terroir and what they can access through local surroundings.

Come and embark upon a multi-course tasting menu, consisting in 7 or 10 dishes. Our dining experience is meant to be enjoyed at a leisurely pace and thus lasts for 4 hours.

Pairing Wine & Food

Taking flavor to the next level, wine is at the spotlight of combination. Edwin’s creativity coupled with his playfulness and skill, hits upon the perfect carefully prepared dish to best highlight the singularity of Springfontein wines.

We like our menus to showcase the right combination of handracfted terroir-driven wines paired with one-of-a-kind indigenous ingredients specific to our coastal location.

Opening Times

We are opened until the 27th of March on the following days:

Wednesday & Thursday: Dinner (7pm to 11pm)

Friday & Saturday: Lunch (12 pm to 4 pm) and Dinner (7pm to 11pm)

Sunday: Lunch (12 pm to 4 pm)

Menu Prices

You can choose between these seasonal tasting menus:
6 courses R 1 150 per person
7 courses R 1 250 per person
8 courses R 1 400 per person
9 courses R 1 600 per person

Soft Wine Pairing: R 750 per person
Ultimate Wine Pairing: R 950 per person

Start Your Culinary Experience

Booking is mandatory. Reservation and information; 

Email:  reservations@springfontein.co.za 
Phone: +27 28 341 0444    


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