From the very beginning, Springfontein was also meant to be a place where we could meet and exchange ideas, where people could come together who share a common understanding of impartiality and tolerance, eagerness to learn reliability, clarity of thought and consistency of action.

Once again, Springfontein’s wines are meant to serve as mediators, stimulating the exchange of ideas and socializing, but also providing enough material to get into conversation with each other, between guests and visitors, or with those who work with and on our tiny secluded spot of mother Earth.

That’s why hospitality is written in capital letters on Springfontein.

We want to create space to explore the estate on site, to learn more about Springfontein’s people and wines, whether on foot, by minibus or on the African Queen of Springfontein from the Klein River. We want to invite you to taste what our cellar has to offer, but also what the cuisine of the marshlands, shaped by the tides of the adjacent ocean, can provide. We want to offer a shelter and a refuge to allow our guests to indulge in our seclusion’s tranquillity.

Former strangers should become friends. Everyone joining us with good intentions, should feel welcome and in best hands – regardless of his or of her origin.