ULUMBAZA Wine Bar(n)

Opening Times: 01.01. to 31.12., daily 11h00 to 21h00 / Reservation recommended under

+27 (0) 28 341 0651 | info@springfontein.co.za

“Ulumbaza” means “House of Joy”, and this is the farm’s more than 200-year-old thatched stable, where today we serve not only the wines of the same name, but all available ones from Springfontein. Our ULUMBAZA Wine Bar(n) invites you to guided or independent tastings, to take along whole bottles or cases. The ULUMBAZA also offers smaller and larger delicacies of regional cuisine to savour all day long, including dry-aged steaks, the quality of which we ensure ourselves with special high-tech maturing cabinets. In addition, we organize Live-Music concerts with selected local musicians, and Wine evenings at irregular intervals. Check our Facebook-Page for updates!

Springfontein EATS

Currently closed – we are using the forced break to work on a new and existing concept / Reservation required under

+27 28 341 0571 | hospitality@springfontein.co.za

If it should be Haute Cuisine or Fine Dining, then Springfontein EATS should be the right choice. Here, in the antique main house of the farm, they cook and serve at star level without being stiff. The food is based on ingredients grown in the farm’s own vegetable and herb garden, or gathered in the open countryside of the Springfontein Marsh and Fijnbosch landscape, or from befriended fishermen, cattle breeders and cheesemakers in our vicinity. The EATS wine list includes not only our own crus but also those of other South African and European top producers, as long as they are also committed to the terroir concept. Finally, a cosy lounge and veranda facing the mountains are completing the picture, making it possible to enjoy an aperitif before taking seat at the dining table or to start the afternoon or end the evening with a digestif.

Moreover, our community of Stanford has developed into a culinary gem of the Cape region anyway, so that there are plenty of opportunities to enjoy away from the farm, but in our immediate neighbourhood, an excellent lunch or dinner, too. And it is at everyone’s liberty to pay special tribute to the one or the other with a Springfontein wine.

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