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As Springfonteiners, giving back to our local community is an essential part of our DNA. Please find a short introduction of our social engagement within Stanford below, authored by Lesley Beake. Lesley is a close friend of Springfontein and we extremely proud to support the amazing work she is doing with the Children’s Book Network (CBN).

When we started Children’s Book Network (CBN), we wanted a name that would instantly say what we believe in. Children. Books. Friends. Our Network is fortunate to include friends such as the people at Springfontein Wine Estate, and we owe them our gratitude.

In many different ways, they have supported and helped us. And not just in the practicalities, such as their generous cooperation with wine dealers in Rottweil, Germany that has resulted in a substantial donation to help us in our work with children and reading. A sometimes underestimated aspect of community is the effect of kindness and supportiveness. We held our most recent board meeting on the farm, they donated wine for a fund-raiser in town that boosted local awareness. We know they are there when we need them. That is of incalculable value to a small organization struggling to keep our projects going.

In a more tangible sense, they support us by being involved in our governance (Hildegard is a member of our board and Tariro an associate who attends meetings when he can). Johst takes a benevolent interest. And a CBN branded wine has been produced (and will be produced again) that is sold at the cellar door to raise funds for our children. We thank them.

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CBN addresses the problem that children who have learned to read (and are aged 10, 11 and 12) don’t read. Books have no appeal and are difficult for them to access. We offer workshops on Saturdays and at weekends that explore themes including fiction and non-fiction, play, games, dance, song, music, art … and information presented in a fascinating and interesting way.

For more information, please go to www.childrensbook.co.za

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