First and foremost, Springfontein’s wines should be able to tell an authentic story about the specific place they were born. In order to create the necessary foundation for this, we work in the fields and in the cellar strictly organic.

All our wines are vegan “bio”-wines from our own harvest from our own farm, but can only be good ambassadors of their place of origin … if they taste good. In order to achieve this, we build on the foundation of purely natural agricultural and winemaking methods, venturing to oenological limits. In doing so, we practice must aeration, extreme skin contact and intracellular pre-fermentation under total exclusion of oxygen. On the other hand, we refrain from any kind of artificial acidification and the addition of any kind of industrial tannins and other factory produced grape ingredients. We do not filter and we nearly don’t sulphurise at all. But that we can go this route requires not only a pristine and immaculate crop. That we can go this route, and here the circle is closing, is made possible by our microclimate, which allows the grapes to ripen at optimum, is made possible by our alkaline soil of calcareous shells/coquina, which is so dif-ferent from the generally acidic cultivation areas of the traditional South African Winelands.

It is not by chance that after years of research and groundwork we were finally given our own appellation:

Wine of Origin “Springfontein Rim” – the enclave where the Limestone rocks.