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Glueckauf and Ubuntu!

“Glueckauf” is the traditional German miner’s greeting. It describes the miners’ hope that they may have luck (“Glueck”) to succeed in opening up (“auf”) an ore lode up (“auf”). The greeting also expresses the desire for further Glueck to return safely up on the surface from the mine after underground work. And in general, the greeting expresses the humbleness and the humility humans shall demonstrate for Mother Earth.

“Ubuntu” embodies, in the Nguni language world, a fundamental understanding based above all on mutual respect and recognition, the heed to human dignity and the aspiration for a harmonious and peaceful society. We have to comprehend ourselves as connected by a universal bond of sharing: Individual and community are in close relationship with each other.

“Glueckauf” and “Ubuntu” shall build, for Springfontein, the bridge between hemisphere of the South and the northern one. Springfontein’s wines shall be links, ambassadors and mediators between our secluded little spot at the tip of the Cape more than ever of Good Hope and that big wide world which not only consists of the www.

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Terroir Selection

Cape Moby White

Cape Moby

Blushes Inverse Pinotage

Daredevils' Drums

Skins Agleam Sauvignon Blanc

Daredevils' Drums

Mashes Extreme Cabernet Sauvignon

Daredevils' Drums

Whole Lotta Love

Limestone Rocks

Jonathan’s Ridge

Single Vineyard

Cape Moby Red

Cape Moby



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